May 29, 2018

unnamedOur last and largest Signature luncheon of the year successfully took place at Maggiano’s Buckhead this past Wednesday.

This time, there was plenty of time to network, and the event couldn’t have been better. Attendees enjoyed a full hour of networking just before the dining room doors opened for lunch. With a full menu of food ranging from Maggiano’s salad to chicken piccata, it certainly did not disappoint!

As members and attendees enjoyed their food, AMA Atlanta President Jana Ferguson addressed the crowd at the last luncheon of her active tenure. Jana thanked all of the wonderful board members, members, and attendees, while introducing Christy Williams as the new President for AMA Atlanta, who begins in July.

Moira Vetter, Founder and CEO of Modo Modo Agency, then proceeded to take over the luncheon as the moderator for the luncheon’s conversation over the white paper that was written by members of the Executive Advisory Board. The white paper conversation, Storytelling 2020: What you need to know about Storytelling in Marketing, took place in 2 parts. The advisory board split into two groups to carry the conversation, then they proceeded to take questions at the end of the session. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

 Stories stick with us more than facts!

As a consumer, we tend to remember stories that are told rather than facts or statistics that are given. Why? Stories are relatable. Every person can relate to a story in some way. Marketers are finding that companies who can convey their brand and product through a story tend to attract more customers. It gives the company the opportunity to express who they are and what they stand for, and this method resonates better with consumers.

Three Key Themes

Theme 1: Authentic Connection

The panelists explained how authentic connections are critical to customer retention. Once a customer has chosen your product, it is equally as important that the customer feels some type of connection to your brand. This is why people continue to choose the same product when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other options. This authentic connection is best nurtured through the art of storytelling.

Theme 2: Emerging Technology

While technology cannot convey the human element of a story, humans have the ability to use the capabilities of technology to better convey their story to their audience. New technologies such as natural linguistic processing, virtual reality, and voice are allowing us to reach consumers in different ways than before. If marketers can understand how to use these new channels, then they should see much more success in their campaigns.

Theme 3: An Evolving Approach to Marketing

Marketing has seen an exponential increase in technological advances over the past few years. As the industry continues to grow, it is important to understand which channels are effective and what are not. This is why data is so important during times like these. Having the ability to better interpret data will give companies the upper-hand when deciding what is effective.

We would like to thank all of those on the Executive Advisory Committee for writing this white paper and holding our panel discussion! For more information on AMA Atlanta and future events please visit our website

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