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Sponsors & Partners

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors make everything we do possible.

They help us organize events, raise funds, and spread the word about AMA Atlanta throughout the business community. In return, we help our sponsors reach the largest group of marketing professionals in the metro Atlanta area with their product, service, or message. Feel free to connect with one of our board members to learn more about how sponsoring AMA Atlanta is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Become a sponsor and help educate, inspire, grow, network and celebrate marketing in Atlanta.

Ways you can benefit

Get your message in front of thousands of marketers by working with one of the top five AMA chapters in the US. Our email and social platforms have a combined reach of over 10,000 marketers in Atlanta made up of corporate, agency and supplier marketers. The AMA hosts an extensive assortment of events, ranging from monthly networking to quarterly innovation events and special events like our annual Atlanta Marketer of the Year Awards.

Reach out to for more information on how you and your company can benefit through an AMA Atlanta sponsorship.

Our Current Sponsors

Our Partners

The Go-To Marketing Resource In Atlanta

Atlanta institutions rely on AMA Atlanta for all things marketing-related in Atlanta.

Since 1949, AMA Atlanta has been the go-to resource for marketing knowledge, events, network, and influence. Our partnerships with businesses and organizations provide value and benefits.

A few of the ways we deliver value to partner organizations:

  • Quotes: Looking for an Atlanta-based marketing expert to provide a quote for a publication?
  • Connect: Looking to network with the top marketing leaders in the Southeast?
  • Promotion: Looking to drive attendance from the leading marketing minds in Atlanta?
  • Content: Looking for marketing-related resources from experts in the industry?

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with AMA Atlanta: