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Mentorship Program

The AMA Atlanta Mentorship program connects local marketing professionals to learn from one another.

The goal is to give both mentors and mentees opportunities to network, gain new skills, and develop lasting relationships with other local marketers.


About the Marketing Mentorship Program

Join the interest list if the program is not currently open for applications.

Our mission is to develop lasting professional relationships, improve networking opportunities, and provide valuable career development for both mentees and mentors.

  • The program runs twice each year—each spring and fall.
  • After an application process, our team pairs up mentors and mentees.
  • We do our best to match up everyone who applies, but participation isn’t guaranteed for everyone. If you don’t get matched up the first time, you’ll have priority the next semester.
  • Each semester lasts four months, giving you plenty of time to meet up and learn.
  • We typically have an in-person event around each semester to help you connect.
Mentorship Sponsor

6 Benefits of a Marketing Membership

Why should you consider being a marketing mentor with AMA Atlanta? Here are 6 reasons why.

  1. Get connected to other Atlanta-area marketers
  2. Learn from each other—even if you’re the mentor
  3. The opportunity to attend fun events
  4. Meet other mentors and mentees in the program
  5. Stay involved with the AMA Atlanta chapter
  6. Gain new perspectives and skills in marketing and beyond

Program Requirements

What are the expectations for both mentors and mentees who apply? Here’s what to expect.

  • You’re committing to participate for the entire semester.
  • All mentorship pairs must meet at least three times.
  • Actively communicate with your mentee or mentor.
  • Attend the in-person kickoff event.
  • Mentees cannot participate in consecutive semesters.

Get Involved With the Marketing Mentorship Program


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with other professionals, and provide your knowledge to emerging marketers.

  • Support and foster the next generation of marketers
  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Gain exposure to new and emerging talent pools
  • Contribute to your own personal and professional growth
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, management and recruiting skills
  • Help emerging professionals develop to their potential


Identify key skills for progressing in your career and take the next step professionally.

  • Gain knowledge and experience to advance your career
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Receive individual recognition, encouragement, and professional advice
  • Learn and enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Expose yourself to diverse perspectives, experiences, and resources
  • Grow your personal network


In this multi-part video series, six mentors discuss their marketing journey and the ‘why’ behind their passion for mentorship. They also share meaningful advice for mentors and mentees.

After viewing the short introductory video above, click here to watch the other videos in the series.


For more information on becoming a mentor or a mentee, or to be added to our email distribution list to be informed when a Spring or Fall session opens for applications, please contact us at, or fill in your email address below to get updates.

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