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Making the Most of the AMA Atlanta Mentor Program

For more than ten years, the Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association has been the proud host of a mentorship program. With a mission to cultivate enduring professional connections, enhance networking opportunities within AMA, and deliver invaluable career advancement for mentors and mentees, this program welcomes professionals from diverse backgrounds and varying experience levels. Whether your goal is skill development, career navigation, or guidance on advancing your profession, mentorship within the AMA Atlanta chapter offers something meaningful to everyone.

I, along with other mentees, have found participating in this program to be an essential resource. I joined AMA to gain hands-on experience with marketing projects. I knew a mentorship program would be the first step to facilitating a relationship with a marketing professional. It allowed me to learn the newest marketing trends and relate my educational background in biology to the marketing field.

Mentor Program Overview

The mentorship program is inclusive, welcoming both AMA members and non-members, who contribute a participation fee. After completing the online application process, aspiring mentees are matched with a mentor whose goals and industry best align. This selective process results in the acceptance of approximately 40-50 participants on average.

AMA mentors are dedicated volunteers. They generously offer their time and expertise to guide and support mentees. Typically, mentors have accumulated at least five years of professional experience, equipping them with the knowledge and insights necessary to advise others. Explore this video series featuring past and present mentors as they share their motivations for joining the program and highlight the benefits they’ve gained.


What’s the Time Commitment?

Participants attend a mentorship kickoff event. This event serves as an opportunity for not only mentor-mentee pairs to meet but also to connect with peers in a networking context. While attendance is optional, it provides a unique chance to make that all-important first impression.

Mentor-mentee pairs are encouraged to meet regularly throughout the program’s duration, which spans 3-5 months. While virtual meetings are the most accessible option, having at least one in-person meeting is beneficial. This face-to-face interaction fosters a stronger relationship between mentors and mentees, maximizing the program’s benefits.

Success As A Mentee

Mentees entering the program are most successful when having a clear goal. A primary benefit of the mentorship program is having an impartial and supportive professional in your corner. Mentors can be a sounding board; their opinions and knowledge can benefit mentees at any stage of their careers. The greater the effort mentees put forth, the more significant the program’s impact. The mentor-mentee relationship can nurture the confidence to pursue a promotion, present innovative campaign ideas, or explore new career avenues.

I entered the mentorship program to transition into a new career, explicitly targeting an entry-level marketing role within my current company. My mentor provided tips on navigating and initiating communication with the marketing department. I was determining which marketing area would best suit me; my mentor suggested that I observe the day-to-day operations of a marketing team and gain insight into the various responsibilities within different roles. I joined her for lunch and attended a team meeting at her company. This experience provided me with a real-world understanding of marketing and expanded my networking opportunities. Having completed the mentorship program, I am excited to delve further into a marketing career, secure in the fact that I still have a reliable source of support.

Participating in an AMA mentorship is an empowering opportunity. Having the perspective of an expert within the field willing to provide their resources and knowledge is invaluable. The AMA Atlanta Chapter appreciates the mentors who have made this program successful. Marketing is an ever-evolving field; a strong community and support network can advance a career at any stage. Are you considering becoming a mentor or mentee? Visit to learn more!


About the Author:

Leanne Swajger

Claims Coordinator & Marketing Liaison at ManyPets