Being an AMA collegiate member offers many benefits, from career resources, professional development, planning and execution of collegiate chapter events, to taking part in the many annual marketing competitions and conferences. AMA collegiate members put classroom theory into practice!

We have chapters all over Georgia ranging from 10 to over 100 active members every year. Our students are freshman to seniors studying marketing, graphic design, computer science, finance, sales, advertisement, event planning and many other subjects.

Apply for the Ken Bernhardt Outstanding Collegiate Marketer of the Year


Qualifications To Apply:
· Must attend a college in the state of Georgia
· Must be a student in marketing
· Must have a GPA of 2.9 or higher
· Must be a member of both AMA Nationals and AMA Atlanta
· Must be a member of your local chapter


Please check back in August 2017 for details on how to apply for next year's scholarship. 



We educate students about career opportunities available in marketing. Our team is committed to training students through educational programs, personalized career counseling and networking opportunities. We are the link between the academic marketing world and the professional marketing world as college students prepare for their career. 

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AMA collegiate membership opens up your professional possibilities. As a member, you have immediate opportunities for professional development and networking, as well as access to the latest in marketing news, insights, and information. You can also take advantage of exclusive member discounts. Visit to learn more or sign up for email updates below.