March 29, 2010

Ron Strauss
Founder & CEO, Brandzone

What do you feel you gain from your AMA participation?
I enjoy the community-centered activities, like Toys for Tots. I also enjoy the mixers for networking opportunities and to meet friends in the field.

How has being a member of AMA-Atlanta enriched your life, professionally or personally?  
Being an AMA member introduced me to many professional contacts and has helped my networking activities. On a personal level, I’ve been active in doing workshops and training seminars for AMA National on the topic of brand measurement, and that’s been very gratifying. As a smart person once said, “In order to teach, you must first learn.”

Twitter:  @ronster9
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March 22, 2010

Suzi RookerSuzi Rooker
Recruiter, Hire Profile, Inc.

AMA Involvement: Membership committee

What do you feel you gain from your AMA participation?
I serve on the membership committee of AMA because I have benefited personally and professionally over the past four years from regularly attending AMA networking events. I am a recruiter because I truly want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I enjoy meeting new people and expanding my professional network.

How has being a member of AMA-Atlanta enriched your life, professionally or personally? 
Being involved in the AMA has contributed to my professional growth by continuous learning at events like the signature luncheons where panelists and speakers discuss current marketing trends and successful marketing initiatives. The majority of members that attend seem to genuinely be interested in helping others further their careers. Members want to share knowledge and tips based on their experiences. I regularly hear members offering career advice or job assistance.

Twitter: @Hire_Profile
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Facebook: Hire Profile, Inc.

March 16, 2010

Thank you to AMA Atlanta volunteer Angad Chera for his outstanding contribution to the 2010 American Marketer of the Year (AMY) Awards – the chapter’s annual landmark awards event.

From the first day he volunteered, Angad provided instant value to the team through his creativity, passion and commitment to marketing. In addition to securing event sponsorships and coordinating event logistics, Angad stepped up to own the AMY Awards social media strategy. He created an editorial calendar, tweet schedule (follow us @amaatlanta) and a social media “cheat sheet” for committee members.  His efforts have broadened the reach of the AMY Awards, helping to drive entries and ticket sales. 

In his own words: “I initially joined AMA to network and job seek. However, after getting involved in the AMYs I see the long-term benefit of volunteering – I’ve been able to network with seasoned professionals and gain experience in event planning, sponsorships, fundraising and social media – it’s been incredibly worthwhile.”

Angad is a marketing coordinator at GlobalDoc, Inc. and can be contacted on LinkedIn.  Want to join AMA Atlanta’s volunteer ranks? Contact Jessica Covello at

March 15, 2010

Greg Cohen
Senior Account Executive, Sparks Grove

AMA Involvement:  Collegiate Outreach Committee

What do you feel you gain from your AMA participation?
Through AMA I have been able to broaden my professional skill-set, strengthen my personal network and educate myself on industry best-practices and new technology. But above the professional interactions are the personal relationships with a peer group that is destined for greatness in Atlanta. Since the marketing industry is (above all) who you know, putting yourself in a position to meet people “on their way up” is a crucial career move that I recommend to everyone.

How has being a member of AMA-Atlanta enriched your life, professionally or personally? 
AMA has helped me develop into a more valuable asset. I truly feel that every person I meet through AMA is a motivated and intelligent person. And, by surrounding myself with aspiration-driven people, I feel that my career is on the right track.

Twitter: @gcohen85
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March 8, 2010

Kristin HagueKristin Hague       
Marketing Programs Manager, ControlScan
What do you feel you gain from your AMA participation?
I enjoy attending Signature Lunches each month because they are great opportunity for gaining exposure to areas of marketing that are unfamiliar in my current role. Also, participating in an AMA committee has been enjoyable because it allows me to meet and help new marketing professionals as well as enrich my own network.

How has being a member of AMA-Atlanta enriched your life, professionally or personally? 
Being a part of AMA-Atlanta and its committees has been greatly beneficial in allowing me visibility into different segments of marketing, in connecting with marketing professionals of all levels and in giving back to the marketing community. The events provide me with an opportunity to see what trends are evolving in the industry and new innovations or techniques that have been successful for others.
Twitter: @kristinhague
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March 1, 2010

AMA Atlanta is excited to introduce the new AMAzing Member of the Week program.  Each week a vital member from our community will be recognized for their participation in the Atlanta chapter and overall support of AMA programming.  By featuring those who have a lasting history with our chapter to some of its newest members, the program serves to highlight our dynamic organization by fostering connectivity between members and overall support for each recognized member.  Please be sure to look out for our newest AMAzing Member of the Week each week on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Marketing Tapas and our weekly newsletter!  So without further ado, meet our first AMAzing Member of the Week:

David NasserDavid Nasser
Assistant Clinical Professor, Georgia State University, Department of Marketing

“I have enjoyed being a part of the DECA evaluation team and working in the past with the Board as a meeting facilitator for strategic planning.  I also enjoy serving as Chapter Advisor to the Georgia State University Collegiate Chapter.  Working with students gives me an opportunity to share my experiences with the next generation of marketing professionals.

Although I don’t make it to many meetings these days, having AMA members to network with regarding consulting opportunities, projects for my students, guest speakers in MBA classes, and keeping up with the field has been invaluable.”

Contact David via Linkedin or at

Interested in being featured as a AMAzing Member of the Week or nominating someone else?  Email:

February 26, 2010

Brand marketers are charged with one over riding responsibility: to be good stewards of the brand. As customers come to expect the opportunity to interact with (hopefully!) the people who are the heart of the brand, new aspects of brand development come into play. Balancing social media inputs while being true to the brand’s promise and values can be a precarious undertaking.

Successful social media communication is built on authentic interactions where people “just talk to each other” instead of passing on pre-crafted tag lines. Opening the enterprise door to allow employees that level of “being yourself,” in the very public social world, can be disconcerting especially if your job is to “protect the brand.”

There are two important questions for brand management to answer before including social media into your brand’s DNA:

  • What does it mean to “protect the brand” in the social web?
  • How can you be a steward of your brand while maintaining your authenticity?

Although social media is shaking up some marketing departments, digital conversational marketing brings exciting possibilities to build stronger relationships. Listening to your customers’ unfiltered voices and hanging out with them on the social web can lead to the ultimate goal of every marketer… loyalty from raving fans.

Toby Bloomberg, Bloomberg Marketing


February 24, 2010

AMA-Atlanta has partnered with Ken Bernhardt, professor of marketing at Georgia State University and Special Assistant to the Dean for Corporate and Community Relations at the Robinson College of Business, to offer the “Ken Bernhardt AMA-Atlanta Outstanding Collegiate Marketer Award.”

Read about the scholarship in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

February 22, 2010

Coke filmed this Happiness Machine video with a FlipVideo and generated more than 1.5 million YouTube views in one month.  But as Chris Tuff of 22squared will share with you, social media isn’t necessarily about the number of YouTube views – it’s about advocacy.  Here are some other takeaways from the 2/4 AMA Digital Marketing Series:

  • Think Google rules the world? Recommendations from friends on social networks trump Google.  Have you noticed the search engine giant is changing its algorithm to accommodate this shift?  Do a quick search and you’ll now see real-time tweets, and have the option to comment on or “promote” a particular organic search result.
  • The components of a successful social media program (thanks Dave Rollo) are Test (experiment with sites, placements, creative), Define (know your objectives before you launch so you can accurately measure success), Learn (share project takeaways with your client and your internal team) and Optimize (refine and repeat your success).
  • Listen.  Learn.  Act.  You can’t develop a social media strategy without first listening to your fans – and your enemies.

If you couldn’t make the event, or want another look at those impressive stats, check out Chris Tuff’s presentation here.  The next quarterly Digital Marketing Series session is scheduled for late April, but you can get your marketing technology fix in the meantime at AMA’s 2/25 Mobile Marketing 101 event

If you attended the Digital Marketing Series, give us your feedback here!  If you didn’t attend but are interested in the upcoming sessions, let us know what topics or presenters are of interest.

February 19, 2010

AMA Atlanta salutes Ellen Henderson, Collegiate Committee volunteer, for her stellar coordination of AMA Collegiate chapter events. 

Ellen is a project manager with TedCo Worldwide, and has a sweet spot for advertising account management.  She just embarked on a new challenge – her MBA degree – and is excited about pursing the next phase of her career. 

In her own words: “I have only been an AMA member for a little over a year, but have already gotten so much out of it.  It’s great for meeting lots of amazing marketing folks!”

You can get in touch with Ellen through LinkedIn or Twitter.  Interested in taking your membership to the next level by volunteering?  Contact Jessica Covello at