September 23, 2009

Survival for media planners and buyers who haven’t made the transition to new media has become brutal. Just look at the resumes on job seeker sites, or the resumes sent in response to nearly any marketing position–you’ll see a fat pile of media people ready to try something new. recently hosted a “State-Of-The-Media” townhall. In addition to “sharing gripes and exchanging advice”, they discussed topics like how to file for unemployment. It’s a shame that so many talented people have not been able to repoint or repackage their expertise fast enough to keep up with the transformation of media. This market demands reinvention.

Some quick advice from the Town Hall?

• You need a career goal and methodology – including a positioning statement of your own.
• Don’t respond to Ads. Position yourself, research companies you are interested in and create your own position.
• Start your search with companies that create “products” or “tangibles” which are the first to respond after a recession.

It’s time to get inspired. As media moves to content placement, interactive cable on demand, gaming, mobile venues, and social network destinations, some of the best opportunities for media professionals exist in figuring out models that can: predictably, consistently and manageably deliver revenue. Anyone who can crack that nut will have job security and be famous.

If you’ve got a model, a formula, a resource or an idea that could help, jump into the conversation. Where should today’s media talent begin reinventing themselves and leveraging their value?

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