Entertainment Marketing


The AMA Atlanta Entertainment Marketing SIG empowers entertainment marketing professionals and those interested in the entertainment marketing industry through educational seminars and mixers, offering a unique forum for professional growth and collaboration.

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The AMA Atlanta Entertainment Marketing SIG series explores how brands, content creators, agencies, and distributors are partnering to redefine the next generation of entertainment marketing campaigns. We are committed to building a foundation for the entertainment industry to continue becoming a pillar of commerce for Atlanta.

Get Involved

As Frank Capra said, “a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” This SIG is created for marketers whose creative hunches help leverage entertainment as a tool to find, strengthen or create demand for their brands. The SIG will draw on the expertise of global marketing executives who are successfully using entertainment, varying from product placement to branded content generation. If that sounds like you – or someone you know- please join us!

Why Join?

With a thriving film and television production industry, a vibrant music scene, an influential sports business community and, as home to some of the world’s most innovative brands, Atlanta has become an increasingly influential center for entertainment marketing. Through this SIG, AMA members will be able to stay abreast of best and current practices in entertainment marketing.