May 3, 2017

by Alice Oh, Content Marketing Specialist at MP Modern, Division of MarketPro

In a highly digitized world, how do brands cut through the noise and set themselves apart from the competition? As technology penetrates nearly every aspect of how brands and consumers connect and interact, it’s important for brands to focus on satisfying consumers’ needs by delivering a valuable user experience (UX).

New marketing technologies give marketers access to a pool of resources that can be employed to enhance UX like never before. Sure your website looks pretty, but what’s the point if it doesn’t serve any real value to your users? Optimize your UX by following the tips below and you will see key points of measurement like SEO, conversion, and lead generation significantly improve.

  1. Know Your Customer

First things first, understanding your consumers and what they’re looking for is essential in creating excellent UX. If your site doesn’t serve the needs of your users, it’s essentially pointless.

Understand who your customer is and what they’re looking for. Tools like Google Analytics can help provide insights into your customers. Use information extracted from this data to thoroughly understand the customer journey and how your site effectively serves the different stages.

Create an enjoyable browsing experience your users will come back to by focusing on their needs. Recognizing the customer journey and being able to relieve any pain points the user might encounter while on your site are key in designing optimal UX. Always remember to build every component of your marketing strategy with your consumers in mind.

  1. A Well-Thought Out Website Design

The initial impression users get when they first visit your site will be a lasting one. It will determine if they choose to stay or bounce, and possibly never come back.

Sure, your website traffic may be high but it means nothing if your bounce rate is too. Combat this by optimizing your site’s landing pages. This entails equipping your site with pages that are easy to navigate and have quick loading time.

If your pages take too long to load, people will leave. They don’t have the patience and are certainly not willing to wait when they can go seek information from an alternative source.

Keep your website simple and accessible. Don’t overwhelm your consumers to the point where it drives them away. Stay consistent with your design throughout your site! A well-designed website lays the solid foundation for your brand’s digital presence, and is essentially your digital home base.


  1. Optimize for Mobile

The use of mobile is now commonplace, as more people browse the web on their mobile devices than computers. With over 4 billion mobile phone users, it’s imperative to equip your site with mobile-apt capabilities. Not doing so will severely hinder your KPIs like SEO and conversion.

We’re diving heads-first into a mobile-first world, so it’s necessary to optimize UX by adopting an omni-channel perspective. By creating a seamless experience across all channels, you make the customer experience and journey as smooth as possible – something that will ultimately drive your bottom-line.

  1. Content Reigns

Along with a well-designed site, content is the other half that builds a solid foundation for your digital presence. Without good content, your site serves no real value to your users.

Build your credibility up by blogging and creating engaging content. One of the most compelling forms of content is infographics and video. Video is the most engaging type of visual content and can increase conversion by 80%!

Focus on user intent and relevant topics to create quality content and drive on-page optimization – content is king when it serves the user best.

Content is the most forceful factor in driving a superb user experience. You can have a well-designed site armed with quick loading time but without substantial content, it’s virtually meaningless.

  1. Don’t Intrude

The worst way to turn a customer or lead off is by placing all sorts of spammy content like pop-up ads on your site. Instead, evaluate ways you can subliminally promote your products or services and drive conversion, such as placing recommended items on the side of your page based on their search history. This is a tactic to drive sales, but not too obvious.

Don’t be aggressive – let your users have a choice of whether they want to add that extra item in their cart or not. No one likes to be bombarded with sales promotions and advertisements. Don’t disrupt the customer journey or intrude their user experience. You want to create a seamless, enjoyable experience that will make them come back.

Parting Words

Take a holistic approach when leveraging all your resources to create an optimal user experience. Being able to deliver an unforgettable experience can be the differentiating factor between your brand and your competitor. Set yourself apart from the competition in the heavily penetrated world of marketing.

Delivering a superior user experience is no longer an option. Ramp up the customer journey and UX by following these fundamental tips and enlisting the help of an experienced digital agency! While I can’t promise you guaranteed results, I can assure you that your bottom-line will significantly improve over time.

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