September 15, 2009

As AMA’s annual Collegiate Braves night approaches this Thursday, Sept. 17, we wanted to share with you the story of Alison Eckhardt, an AMA Collegiate member who obtained a job as a Braves Trainee as a result of attending this networking event.

As a member of AMA at Auburn University I was very excited when I heard about the professional chapter’s Atlanta Braves event. This was a great opportunity for me – not only was I interested in pursuing a career in sports marketing, but as an Atlanta native I was a huge Braves fan! The event provided me with the chance to meet and greet executives in the sports industry – an invaluable experience for any college student. I was a little nervous, but was relieved to find that everyone was friendly and willing to talk to me about a possible future with the braves in the Trainee program. Before the end of the night, I was introduced to a full-time Ticket Sales representative. We exchanged information and he contacted me when Trainee program interviews began. After a lengthy interview process I was offered a position as a Ticket Sales Trainee for the ‘09 season – the event certainly paid off! Meeting with professionals in your desired industry face-to-face says so much more than submitting your resume via mail or email. Thanks AMA!

For details on this year’s Collegiate Braves event, an ideal opportunity for students and recruiters alike, visit

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